Who Is This For?

You can choose to enroll for Grow track, if you are an ambitious working professional or a business owner.

If you are a Working professional and looking for the following, you must enroll for this track:

1. You want to break through your career stagnation and redefine your purpose
2. You are not happy in your job, and want to turn your hobby or skill, monetize it and turn it into a passive income


If you are a business owner and looking for the following, you must enroll for this track:
1. You want to grow your business to the next level of growth
2. You want to free up your time and build a winning team that runs your business on the ground

Prerequisite: You are a working professional with a job, OR a business owner running a mid-size company.

Live a top life - Grow model

Discover Your New Self: A Three-Step Transformation Journey

Level 1: Develop "Right" Habits

Start with "right" habits formation. Building the right habits forms the cornerstone of both personal and business growth, setting the foundation for success in every endeavor.

In this level you will learn to form "new "habits around body and mind zone. We will help you chart-out your fitness and nutrition regime, as well as purify your mind on how to think and act the "right" way.

“Live a top life” blessings mantras and meditations will support you and you will be activated to move to level 2.

Level 2: Develop "Right" Skills

Mastering a diverse range of professional and personal skills is essential for achieving holistic success, empowering you to navigate challenges with confidence and achieve your growth.

With your unique strengths and passions in hand, we'll guide you through crafting a compelling personal brand. This step is all about showcasing your expertise in a way that resonates with your target audience, setting you apart as a leader in your field.

“Live a top life” blessings mantras and meditations will support you and you will be activated to move to the level 3.


Level 3: Grow your career and monetize your skill

Elevate your career through promotions or job changes for growth.

Establish a personal brand to influence your industry.

Monetize hidden talents, pick profitable niches, and diversify income sources for financial freedom.

“Live a top life” blessings mantras and meditations will support you to achieve your financial freedom

OR Level 3: Grow your business by freeing up your time

Develop a personal brand to influence and grow your business, becoming an industry influencer.

Master growth strategies and craft a blueprint for business expansion.

Build effective teams to manage operations, freeing up time for strategic endeavors and enhancing your quality of life.

“Live a top life” blessings mantras and meditations will support you to finally free up your time and grow your business




Are You Facing These Challenges?

Do you feel lost in your career or business, unsure of your life's purpose? Are you struggling to identify and harness your passions and inner skills? You're not alone. Many professionals find themselves at a crossroads, seeking more but unsure how to achieve it.
Our solution addresses these very challenges.

Gain clarity

Gain clarity on your life's purpose and how to align it with your professional endeavors.

Learn to craft

Learn to craft and communicate a powerful personal brand that attracts opportunities and recognition.

Discover innovative

Discover innovative strategies to monetize your brand and skills, setting you on a path to financial freedom.

Innovative Features to Transform Your Journey

AI Spiritual Advisor Reimagined

Envision a deeply intuitive system of guidance, drawing from the ancient wisdom of spiritual texts and modern psychological insights. This reimagined advisor functions as a bridge, connecting you to your higher purpose through reflective questions, thought-provoking exercises, and personalized rituals based on timeless spiritual principles. It’s about tapping into the universal consciousness, using structured, yet soulful methodologies to provide clarity and direction on your path to success.

Spiritual Retreats Reenvisioned

Dive into a series of structured spiritual retreat experiences, meticulously designed to simulate the profound peace and learning of a real retreat. These experiences are crafted around guided meditations, thematic workshops, and reflective practices that you can engage in from anywhere. Through detailed guides and sensory-rich materials, create a sacred space in your own environment, fostering a deep connection with your inner self and the essence of spiritual retreat, without the need for virtual reality technology.

Karma Credits Conceptualized

Introducing a novel approach to recognizing and rewarding your spiritual and communal contributions. This system, inspired by the principles of karma, acknowledges your positive actions through a symbolic credit system. Engage in acts of kindness, community service, and personal development to earn credits. These credits then translate into opportunities for further growth, such as exclusive access to advanced workshops, one-on-one mentorship sessions, and special recognition within the community. It's a tangible way to honor your journey of giving and growing, fostering a cycle of positive energy and continuous improvement.

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